Hillary loses it screams at America"Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead" In The Polls?

Hilllary's low 80's heat collapse

Hillary Clinton's history of racism

The Vile attack of Democrats and the left on Pat Smith and how MSM ignores

Hillary Clinton’s history of racism


This is not the first time I have written about and discussed this topic.  Sure as shit I know it will not be the last time. Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has created a new war between the Democrats and Republicans.  HOWEVER, the unqualified presidential candidate is using the same old tired tactics that have…

Meme Watch: Left’s New Phrase of the Week Is ‘Conspiracy Theory’


  Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign sets the agenda for the establishment media, and if you want evidence, just look at how the media is suddenly playing up the phrase “conspiracy theory.”   Before you get any ideas about starting a “conspiracy theory” drinking game, being warned: you’ll die.     The “conspiracy” theme popping up…