A Rose By Any Other Name

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By: Sack Head Shaun 

Ladies and gentlemen, the “protests” we have witnessed at Trump rallies are not done by “protesters“. Allow me to introduce you to the progressive left militant arm. They have had their flames stoked for years through divisive leadership and by being told that anyone who doesn’t stand with them, is the enemy.

They have been unleashed here and there in Ferguson, Seattle and Baltimore. They were allowed to be successful in their destructive ways to build confidence. Now, during election time, they are being unleashed in an effort to shame Trump and his supporters as well as blame them for the violence, as the mayor of San Jose is doing.


The left is afraid of losing power, Hillary is crumbling and Bernie doesn’t have the numbers, the need to level a playing field, so the pay “protesters” to create the havoc.

Most of these folks “protesting” are almost like drones. They have no idea what they are going to do, until the few paid protesters say a few code words through a bull horn, raise their tempers and then they are unleashed.  Attacking people and property with no regard often of consequence, because there aren’t any. Sometimes holding flags that aren’t of this nation yelling Anti American slogans,  quite literally intimidating potential voters from the candidate the militants disagree with.


They have an pseudo uniform in most cases, face coverings are like their patch. They have a chain of command (they follow the orders of the bull horn). They have a political agenda.

Wait, what do we call a group of people who use violence or a threat of violence against innocent people in the of a political, religious or ideological name???? Not “protesters“…help me out.