Jersey Joe

Edge of Liberty Fill in

I filled in for Sack Shaun on his Edge of Liberty show for August 6,2015. Last minute fill in, got called like 15-20 minutes before show time. I was honored to fill in, since the show is broadcasted from South Jersey\Philly radio station. Click here to listen to past shows 

The Goldilocks way of Governing

So Here I am prepping and researching for my  next show when I come across a link to a page shared by The Unpleasant Blind Guy. Side note another great conservative commentator, listen to him on SHRmedia also. Ok back to this link… I did not write this, but Karla D. Downing ask’s a very important question at the…

Planned Parenthood Chop Shop

     Coming Soon to a neighborhood near you. What I find truly sickening beside the fact Planned Parenthood is making money off of aborted babies, is the fact that human beings are more upset that a Lion got killed.  This is not a debate about pro or anti abortions. I am just talking about the…