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Joseph Antrobus is a highly recognized leader in the EMS community and is well-prepared to motivate, educate, and energize your next meeting and all those who attend.

Joseph Antrobus has been a Deputy Chief during his long career in EMS. Having not only been a leader he was also the lead trainer. No wonder he is considered one of the most upcoming keynote speakers in America today!

Joseph Antrobus is recognized also for his conservative talk radio, where he is standing up and speaking what everyone has been thinking. His message is leading a new movement within the conservative. He has taught at over 200 classes and speeches about leadership and proper ways to conduct oneself.

Joseph has been awarded multiple awards in not only his storied career as a EMT but also in his career as a Fire Fighter. In his classes a survey and questionnaire were always filled out with the answer stating that they felt the classes would be boring, but Joseph was able to not only make the class informative but was also able to keep the students engaged and interested.

Joseph is the host of Reaver of Common Sense show, one of the top rated shows on SHRmedia. He currently host 2 shows, Reaver of Common Sense Monday – Friday noon till 1pm EST, and Reaver after Dark on Wednesday nights 8pm till 9pm EST which air on both www.shrmedia.com and punditpress.com, and writes articles for Shrmedia.com, reaverofcommonsense.com .

Prior to pursuing a speaking career, Joseph has been leading the way with his out of the ordinary conservative talk radio. He not only talks about the negatives of liberals but also about what the conservative need to do in the future to stay in touch. He has been honored by interviewing 1 of our countries greatest hero Kris Paronto. He is a contributing to, and leading the new conservative movement

Small list of Presentations:

EMS Leadership :

People don’t leave organizations, they leave managers. We’ve all worked for some great leaders and at least one real jerk. What type of leader are you? How to lead how to get the most out of everyone.

EMS Public Perception:

Every time you meet with the public, a client or patient, that interaction is a reflection of your organization. It’s an opportunity to enhance (or damage) your company’s image and potentially boost (or damage) your bottom line. If you don’t control your image, others will, and the reality is that regardless of how hard you work at it…you’re only as good as they think you are.  Learn the 8 client groups EVERY emergency service agency serves, the important differences between customers and clients. Learn strategies and techniques that will strengthen the relationships you have inside and outside your agency and develop a more positive image within your community.

The New Conservative:

There is a no movement happening in the country, a new wave of conservatives. This new movements is not the normal, that the conservative the party is use to. There is ways to coexist but we need to find way to understand. This new wave could allow the GOP to ride a wave to victories never seen before. We must come together for the betterment of our great country.

The Fight against Global warming cult:

The facts and stats are falling faster then a meteorite. Scientist are coming out from the shadows. “Scientist” are heading to arctic to show the ice is melting and becoming stuck! The global warming has grown into a $22Billion a year in Federal funding alone. This does not include what profit from companies.

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