Hillary Clinton’s history of racism

This is not the first time I have written about and discussed this topic.  Sure as shit I know it will not be the last time.

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has created a new war between the Democrats and Republicans.  HOWEVER, the unqualified presidential candidate is using the same old tired tactics that have been used for years.  And frankly my dear its getting quite old.  There was a point in her campaign that she had several “bad” weeks.  It was during this time period where Hillary TRIED to create negative press for Trump.  First Hillary was found accusing the alt right as racist, then turned toward Trump and started the finger waging, like an old lady yelling at the kids to get off her lawn.


One main problem is one of Hillary so-called “mentor” Senator Robert Byrd who was first elected 1959. While he was serving as Senator, Mr. Byrd was a high ranking leader and recruiter of the KKK till he retired in 2010. Sen. Robert Byrd was also known for filibustering the 1964 civil rights act.

Mrs. Clinton also has spoken highly of Margaret Sanger who is famous for starting Planned Parenthood with the sole purpose of killing off the black race through abortions.



I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world – that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically. Delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things just marked when they’re born. That to me is the greatest sin – that people can – can commit.

– Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood


In a 1957 interview with journalist Mike Wallace, Sanger advocated that the greatest evil is a family that chooses to bring children into the world. Sanger, advocated for a system requiring every American family to submit a request to the government to have a child. In 1934 Sanger told America Weekly that it has “become necessary to establish a system of birth permits.” [Because the dumb bitch has the right to tell me how many kids I can have.  What the hell are we, China??]


“Birth control is nothing more or less than…weeding out the unfit.”

– Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood


Sanger famously coined the term “birth control” with the intention of eliminating the reproduction of human beings who were considered “less fit.”  [Hmm…..kinda sounds like Hitler eliminating the inferior race].  In her writings from “Morality and Birth Control” and “Birth Control and the New Race,” the Planned Parenthood founder noted that the chief aim of the practice of birth control is to produce a “cleaner race.” Sanger’s vision for birth control was to prevent the birth of individuals whom she believed were unfit for mankind:

Knowledge of birth control is essentially moral. Its general, though prudent, practice must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a cleaner race.

Birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defective.


“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

-Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood




In her remarks, Clinton singled out the namesake of the award for praise:

Now, I have to tell you that it was a great privilege when I was told that I would receive this award. I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision … And when I think about what she did all those years ago in Brooklyn, taking on archetypes, taking on attitudes and accusations flowing from all directions, I am really in awe of her.And there are a lot of lessons that we can learn from her life and from the cause she launched and fought for and sacrificed so bravely.

One in particular, though, has always stood out for me almost a hundred years later. It’s the lesson that women’s empowerment is always, always about more than bettering the lives of individual women. It is part of a movement. It’s about economic and political progress for all women and girls. It’s about making sure that every woman and girl everywhere has the opportunities that she deserves to fulfill her potential, a potential as a mother, as a worker, as a human being.

Hillary Clinton March 27, 2009 speech accepting the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood


These are the people Mrs. Clinton choices as mentors and role models.

These two examples do not even touch Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clintons own racist statement.

The amount of people that are dumber than dog shit who blatantly have a history of racism makes me freaking crazy.  It’s this kind of ignorance that needs to be bitch slapped outta people.

But of course let’s not forget that the infamous Democrats claim that in 1965 there was a party shake up when the parties decided to switch.  Simply put the Dems became the Republicans and the Republicans became the Democrats.


If they switched parties, how many Republicans jumped the party line and went to the Democrat party.

Once you have answered that question, please explain to me why after about a 100 years of Republicans fighting for civil rights act to get passed, why would the party that fought so long so hard just up and go now we are against those that we fought for.

If Democrats were for the minority, why did they keep Sen. Byrd in rank and file. I am FUCKING sick and tired every time the Democrats are in trouble they point their finger and scream RACIST!

It’s time we put an end to the tried and true past time of Democrats crying racist. Maybe we should make them explain and prove these serious accusations.

Just as in 2010 when Democrat cried racist about the Tea Party because they could not defend the high jobless rate. So they went to their Alinsky bag of tricks and dragged up the screaming racist card.

“Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.”

— Mary Frances Berry, former Chairwoman, US Commission on Civil Rights

We have as a society allowed these disgusting and low brow tactics to be used for too long.