Open Letter to the RNC Rules Committee

It’s political novices like Kendal Unruh who will cost us this election if the Republicans lose.

Kendal-Unruh-Colorado-Delegate-696x362Dear Reince Priebus and the RNC Rules Committee;

This letter is in response to an interview that Kendal Unruh (a Colorado Delegate and member of the RNC Rules Committee) gave to the online magazine Daily Wire.

Early in the article, Ms. Unruh claims that she has 28 delegates who are willing to cast votes to “unbind” the delegates at the convention in Cleveland in the hopes that the rules can be rewritten which allow for another candidate to possibly win the nomination. Then she claims that many of these delegates are not willing to come forward to be named because of the threats made by the Donald Trump campaign itself (we are led to assume toward the delegates).

In the next paragraph, Ms. Unruh states that; “It is the duty of the delegates to represent the best interests of their states and to select a Republican candidate who actually represents our party and who can beat Hillary in November. That’s not Donald Trump. We don’t live in a straight democracy, where majority rule has the absolute say. We have a measured, representative form of government that allows time for discussion, fact-finding, and wisdom before our elected representatives make the final decision. Many new facts have come out since the early primaries that should disqualify Trump, and the delegates have historically always been the final stop-gate through which our party’s nominee must pass. Trump didn’t even get the vote of a majority of Republicans, and over 50% agree that he should not be our nominee. In fact, he would be the first Republican nominee to receive the nomination with more votes cast against him in the primaries than for him”.

Toward the end of the article, the reporter states that Ms. Unruh’s argument for replacing Donald Trump as the Republican nominee is the following. 

“Simply put, he doesn’t represent our party and he can’t win in November. Not only do the moral objections to his candidacy run deep, but his positions are also absolutely untrustworthy. He speaks by the seat of his pants and floats ideas out into thin air only to retract them the next day when they are ill-received. Republicans deserve a candidate who is grounded – in morals, in policy, and in constitutional truths. It’s not that Trump isn’t our preferred candidate or that we’re sore losers because our guy didn’t win. Donald Trump has only – conveniently – become a Republican in recent years, and even after switching his registration, he’s continued his personal donations to corrupt, liberal Democrats. How can he run against Hillary when he’s funded her? When he spoke to Bill Clinton on the phone prior to announcing his candidacy? Trump can’t win against Hillary in November because people don’t trust him either. The American citizens will continue to catch on to the fact that Trump is an entertainer who knows how to tickle ears and elicit enthusiasm. But ear-bait quickly turnsinto insanity, as we’ve already seen, and Trump is already losing so badly to Hillary that it would be nearly impossible for him to recover by November. The delegates need to be free to choose a different nominee so that we can win in November and set the Supreme Court on the right side of the future”.

My response to the above for Mr. Priebus and a more rational group at the Republican National Committee;

Ms. Unruh claims to have 28 delegates that can force a rules change but they cannot come forward because of “threats” made by the Trump campaign. Why have these threats not been turned over to the FBI or Colorado Bureau of Investigation or even the Denver Police Department for that matter?

I mean, really, this is a national presidential campaign supposedly making threatening statements and causing fear in delegates? Really? This is not just national news, this is international news from a globally known individual whose campaign is actually threatening people? Obviously, this is nothing more than fabricated horse crap. This lady should be ashamed of herself.

Now we get into the good stuff Mr. Priebus. “It is the duty of the delegates to represent their state and to put up a candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton“. Really? And just who would that be if it is not Donald Trump Ms. Unruh? Senator Ted Cruz? We know you sabotaged your state’s delegation and made a mockery of your process in Colorado which garnered national attention. So let us discuss Senator Cruz. We can also tell by the phrasing of your quotes that you are parroting the Cruz talking points.

Let us first dispell the myth that you can see into the future and “KNOW” that Trump cannot defeat Hillary Clinton. Lady-You don’t know squat! It is patently obvious that you have not read recent polling or surely you would not have made such an asinine statement. Come to think of it, when I read your other statements, I am not so sure, it is more than likely probable, you would make them. That aside, in every poll nationally over the past 7 days, Donald Trump in the worst case is within the margin of error or leading outright. Care to retract your lie?

Lastly; I will address Ms. Unruh’s lie that Mr. Trump funded Hillary Clinton and the rest of her insane naive dribble, the public can read through with little difficulty.

Ms. Unruh; Donald Trump donated $100,000 to the Clinton campaign for Senate years ago. He did so for the simple fact is, successful and wealthy people hedge their bets. I can assure you, Ms. Clinton did not run and win her seat on one contribution of $100k, which makes your statement of “funding” a totally ludicrous statement. Secondly, who would you like him to donate too? Did she really have a challenger? At that time, Hillary was golden in New York. It would have taken the Lord Jesus himself to defeat her and then it would have been a coin flip. Donald Trump was purchasing access to a United States Senator, pure and simple, just as everyone else does.

As for the stupidity of the statement, “Trump can’t win in November and the people don’t trust him“, this one blows me off my chair. Currently, Mr. Trump is double-digits ahead of Hillary Clinton when it comes to trust. Lastly; Out of the Southern States (in the heart of the Bible Belt), there were 4 states where Ted Cruz could not win 1 county! That is correct, he did not win 1 county in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina. On top of that, he LOST ALL SOUTHERN STATES to a New York Billionaire Carpetbagger. This should send alarm bells but apparently, you did not pick up the hint Ms. Unruh.   

Now, Ms. Unruh, you tell me how Ted Cruz is going to win any Southern States and win the “Electoral College” against Hillary Clinton? You tell me how he is going to win Pennsylvania or Ohio? Mr. Trump decimated Cruz in Florida which is a must-win state in the upcoming elections. Do you really think that a Scott Walker or a Ted Cruz is going to win Dade County in Florida? I don’t think so, thusly losing the state to the Democrats and then losing the general election.

My final message to Ms. Unruh and the Rules Committee is this. America and America’s Republicans-Grassroots-Moderates etc. nominated Mr. Donald J. Trump with overwhelming margins in most states. More Republicans turned out and even Democrats turned out for Donald Trump than in any previous primary process in American history. Are you really prepared to marginalize their votes so quickly? Are you prepared to withstand the backlash of telling nearly 15 million people their votes don’t count because “you know better“? Lastly, just where do you plan on finding this many votes for election day if you do over-throw their votes because of your arrogance?

Ms. Unruh, this ideological bull-crap was played back in 2012. We can’t vote for Romney because of this, that and 12 other reasons. You saw the results. If I were you, I would sit down, shut up, open your eyes and ears and listen to the American people. They know and Donald Trump knows what they want to hear and he is responding to their cries.

Now go sit in the corner with your Dunce hat on and stay out of politics.

PS; If you’re so confident in your assessment of this situation, you set the date, time, and location for a debate. I will be in Cleveland and I am more than happy to debate your dribble anywhere, anytime. Hint: Better bring someone else with you, you’re going to need the help.