Palin hits back at Beck using his own words


The public argument  between Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck goes back several years, but not many understand what broke up this Tea Party power couple. Palin felt betrayed for what Beck did on one of his shows and that has been left to fester unresolved for years.


Breitbart writes:

“The crux of the issue was his indiscretion in reading a private email on air. It was a betrayal of trust. She didn’t give consent to having it read publicly and never would have. There was a media firestorm brewing around her at the time. Everyone in the media was hounding her for a statement, but she was very clear that she wanted to wait, get all the facts, and give her full statement at a time and place of her own choosing. What Beck did totally disregarded her wishes,” the source added. “He’s shown that he has little regard for the feelings of anyone unless they’re useful to his ambitions or point of view.”

The rift apparently got worse when Beck allowed one of his Blaze TV employees, Brian Sack, to trash Palin’s family and special needs son Trig in a crude segment with Beck lavishing praise on Sack as “the next Jon Stewart.”

With that said, both are supporting presidential candidates from the other side of the field. Palin is supporting Donald Trump, while Glenn Beck is supporting Sen. Ted Cruz. Beck’s attitude toward Palin has been sick and vile as he has called her a clown and showed his disdain for her choosing to support the GOP front-runner.


After apologizing for calling Sarah Palin a “clown” on Thursday, Beck, who has acknowledged that Americans actually view him as a “clown” and a “monkey,” claimed in a blog post that he and the Palins have not had a relationship since the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) in 2011.

Beck conveniently never mentioned these incidents; instead, making himself look like the victim last week, he wrote, “I haven’t had a relationship with Sarah since about the time of the shooting of Gabby Giffords. Nothing to do with that at all, but it was around that time that she withdrew from me and my team and it was because, as Todd told me on the phone, ‘we have been told who our real friends are.’”

The source close to the Palins told Breitbart News, “For Beck to suggest that the Palins had a falling out with him out of the blue after the Giffords shooting is a total distortion of the truth.”

Now Palin has hit back at Beck using his words which make this more fun to watch. She took her social media Facebook page to call out the blazes owner, so you know  Beck will respond.


From Palin’s Facebook Page:

Ted Cruz’s star spokesman and campaign partner, Glenn Beck, promises he will support a socialist vs. the pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-growth, pro-American GOP front runner… what’s conservative about that?…/wow-glenn-beck-i-prefer-…/


Beck would have chosen Hillary Clinton over the GOP nominee and evidently thinks Barack Obama is a pretty swell guy as President… what’s judicious about that?…/must-watch-glenn-bec…/


Beck proclaims his hatred for the American victims of 9/11 – the innocent VICTIMS, mind you, not the evil terrorists.. what’s honorable about that?..


Beck joins Cruz in inviting more illegals to break America’s laws as the two link arms to greet illegal immigrants at the border with rewarding gifts of soccer balls and teddy bears… what’s celebratory about that?…/ted-cruz-visits-texa…/


Beck is known for his continuous mocking of Americans who may disagree with his puzzling antics, while crying just last night, “Why mock ME?”… what’s consistent about that?…/glenn-beck-god-killed-scalia-so-cruz-…/


Beck will go ballistic after reading this post and will ramp up his unjustified attacks against Donald Trump, me, my faith, and you – for acknowledging all this I’ve outlined, in his own words… what’s smart about that?

– Sarah Palin


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What annoys me is that Beck actual said these words, and most likely he will respond as media people do with the  “things were taken out of context,” or blame the accusers for “trying to distract from a bad record, instead of answering the charges.”

Palin laid out exactly what Beck is about, using Becks own words, you know Beck is going to respond and use this in a victim-hood type of fashion. What is even more sick is that Cruz has aligned himself with this type of person who is using liberal tactics, and that makes me question Ted Cruz and his true attentions. Especially since both Cruz and Beck have been caught at illegal immigrant camps handing out soccer balls and such.