The False Outrage from the Liberals

This outrage over a bear is what is wrong with this society. For those that do not live in Florida, recently the State has lifted the ban on hunting bears. The bear population was once near gone in Florida and put on the protected list. Well as in many cases the population has grown too large now. Now we have bears coming into high human populated areas. This has become a danger to society and a danger to the bear itself. When populations get too high you run the risk of three things happening: 1) Over population runs the risk of disease, 2) Low levels of food source leading to starvation, and 3) The low food source leads to interactions with humans which leads to harm or death to both or one. 

Recently someone responded to the Facebook bear post from Bay News 9 who stated “You are a perfect example of some of the things wrong with society!” I think that there is an entirely long list of what exactly is wrong with society, but I am not going to bore you with it all. SO, I will condense it to just a few items.


I think people up in arms about a bear hunt is wrong. I think their response of screaming and actually  threatenin violence on other human is wrong. What is wrong is people that cry out in outrage over a bear or lion being killed, but when Americans are murdered they shut the hell up. I don’t hear any outrage over 4 dead in Benghazi, I only hear the Left covering the situation up. I don’t hear any outrage that San Francisco is protecting criminals, and they have no remorse that one of those criminals is an illegal immigrant that murdered a U.S. Citizen in cold blood. I don’t hear the outrage over the chop shop like actions of Planned Parenthood so they can sell human body parts. I don’t hear the outrage about 5 Military personnel killed on US soil.


Where was the outrage when one of our greatest snipers gets murder and NOT ONE sound from the White House. Where was the outrage that the President ordered flags be flown half mast for Whitney Houston but not Chris Kyle. Where was the outrage when 2 brothers set off a bomb during the Boston marathon. I see there is outrage that the one brother (will not say his or any other mass killer or terrorist names) has been sentenced to death. I see outrage from the left if a convicted murderer gets a death sentence, but no outrage for the chop shop selling of body part actions by Planned Parenthood. I did not hear outrage as President Obama traded 5 Terrorists and gave up $5Billion Dollars for a deserter. Where is the outrage that that deserter got several U S troop members killed or wounded  as they went looking for help.


Where was the outrage when the current administration said “Yes, We Can Kill Americans on US Soil”.  Where is this outrage as our government gives protection, money, healthcare and housing to illegal immigrants, but does nothing for our brave Soldiers. Where is the outrage that our colleges are teaching our children that when our military is killed or wounded that they deserved it! Where was the outrage when the Justice Department performed a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records. Where was the outrage when Obama may have violated the Constitution and both the letter and the spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval. Where was the outrage when Andrew Tahmooressi was held in a Mexican prison for seven months. FYI – there is a law on the books that the President upon receiving notification must make every attempt to free said US military personnel.


I don’t hear the outrage about the poverty of the residents of Zimbabwe, and these same people are those that count on tourists coming to hunt. Oh and by the way the residents use some of that $50,000 permit (not including traveling, lodge and guides) to help protect wildlife from poachers, and to help fund the wildlife preserves. SO congrats on helping the poachers.


 Lastly where was the outrage when a 13-month-old, Antonio Santiago, was murdered while sitting in his stroller during a robbery attempt.  These false outrages are what is wrong with society. The fact you care more about a lion or a bear being killed, more then a human being being murdered.


But oh yes let be outraged about a controlled hunt. Yes lets be outraged about a lion who most of us have never even heard of before, never cared about before you heard about it being killed. Yes lets be outraged but for the right things.