Why many Americans are angry By: Judy Wise

I got this from The Tampa Tribune


Why are Americans angry? Why are outsiders leading the polls?

Just look at the Oct. 24 Tribune’s Associated Press article tucked at the bottom of page four: “No criminal charges will be filed over IRS political controversy.” Yes, this makes many of us very angry. Why? Because a select class of people are allowed to break the law while others are prosecuted for lesser offenses.

Let’s look at some other examples. Immigration laws are broken daily with permission from the administration, Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious covered up by President Obama’s executive privilege, sanctuary cities getting away with breaking laws, and the Democrats allowing it to happen. And Democrats voting down Kate’s Law is an abomination. From the very beginning of this administration it was established that the law means nothing — unless it is to punish their enemies.

A perfect example of injustice is how Gen. Petraeus was prosecuted vs. Hillary Clinton. We all know Hillary will get away with her smarmy private email server and the danger she imposed on our country. I was appalled at the Democrats on the Benghazi committee fawning over one of the most prolific liars of all time. They were so sorry she had to sit through 11 hours of testimony. You know who I am sorry for? I am sorry for the four Americans who were killed and the many injured in the 13 hours of Benghazi. Six hundred requests for additional security to the State Department went unseen. Really?

The crowning achievement of inequity is that no one has been brought to justice for Benghazi even though the president and Hillary stood over the caskets and swore justice would be done. They did not even send in the FBI to investigate until weeks after the attack. By that time what was left of evidence had long disappeared. But the poor sucker who made the video that was blamed for the attack was arrested on false pretenses. This was done to save the president’s re-election in my opinion.

Inequality of justice is the hallmark of this administration. I question anyone’s character who knows what Hillary is and supports her anyway. How much does America value integrity? We shall see in 2016

Judy Wise