You are not a Constitutional Conservative if you are ok or helping Hillary win

I have a question how the hell would any of those 16 candidate handle Hillary if they are too sensitize to held Trump. She is going to be 100 times worse then Trump was and the first time she said she was offended the Republican would be apologizing and back tracking like they always do! They would have folded like a cheap suit the first time Hillary did what Democrats do. Even Ted Cruz, he even announced he would be taking the high road against Hillary and not making it personal, right there he LOST. She would eat him up and spit him out faster then Obama did to Romney.
8 years I have watched the Republicans fold at the first hint of opposition from the Democrats. 8 long years they have bent over.
Now they want to find the gust, no it is not to a Democrat it is too fellow Republicans. These never Trump are doing one thing with their write in threat or their I am staying home or even voting third party. They are helping Hillary Clinton cover up the murder of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith , Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.
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I know you dont have the balls to tell the family how you are helping Hillary. I know you are making 1,000 and one excuses and blaming everyone else for your inaction.
imagesYou know what 2008 I did not vote in Sen. McCain as my nominee but I voted for him!
images (1)2012 I did not vote Governor Romney as my nominee, but I voted for him.
2014 same thing for a bunch of Senators. Tea party Senators and House Representatives.
They all bent over for President Obama faster then Monica Lewinsky in the oval office.
What we need against Hillary Clinton and her political machine is someone who is not afraid to be called a name, not afraid to be insulted. Someone who is not afraid to get down in the mud and attack the Butcher of Benghazi. There was only one candidate capable of that and that man is Donald Trump.