You need an ID to get into a Hillary Clinton pre selected event…interesting

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Now what caught my eyes was Hillary Clinton  with the voter ID is racist bullshit card conversation during her rally in Harlem,New York .. Sorry but I am so sick and tired of this voter ID cards are racist, it will stop black people from voting.

…….. Wait one god dam minute….

I am calling out ALL Democrats and especially Hillary, hell you can be one of my closest friend and on this I say you are racist. I am tired of Democrats screaming Republicans want to bring back the Jim Crowe laws, especially since it was the Democrats who were directly responsible for the Jim Crowe laws, they created those laws, Democrats are the ones who bring it up none stop!  Now I will explain why I think a person is racist for saying voter ID stops or hinders blacks from voting. SO by saying blacks wont be able to vote because of a voter ID card, is saying that black do not have the capability to get a ID card! You are simple saying black are either too stupid or just not capable to get a simple Voter ID card. Now, me I believe not just believe I know blacks along with any and all races are capable of getting a voter ID card. I can give you proof everyone is capable of getting a voter ID card or simple proving a ID card. Because if that was true then civil liberties would be going after all of these places and items that require a ID…..




Places and items that Require ID:

Liquor store                                                                                              Dance Clubs and  Bars

Mail pick up from FedEx, UPS or any others                                              Public Library

Casino (even if you do not play)                                                                Banks

Airport                                                                                                     Any stores  using Credit Card.

Any corporate offices                                                                               Renting anything for outdoor Jet Skis, Boats, Canoe, etc

Car Rentals ( You need Driver’s license for sure)                                      Any theme parks like Disney rentals

Any outdoor activity like Sky diving, Bunge Jumping, etc                           Purchase certain cold medicines

Purchase nail polish at CVS                                                                     Buy an “M” rated video game

Blood donations                                                                                       Hold a rally or protest

Pick up a prescription                                                                               Doctor or hospital or any medical place

Buy a cell phone                                                                                       Apply for a fishing license

Apply for a hunting license                                                                        Rent a hotel room

Adopt a pet                                                                                              Purchase a gun

Get married                                                                                              Rent/buy a house, apply for a mortgage

Apply for unemployment or a job                                                               Apply for Medicaid/Social Security

Apply for welfare                                                                                      Apply for food stamps

Cigarettes                                                                                                Writing a Check – Most stores want a D.L

Courts                                                                                                     Jail

Auto Insurance                                                                                        Parole & Probation

Enter a Military Base                                                                               Enter a Hillary Clinton Campaign Speech