Billionaire Tom Steyer buying his way to be ruler!

Farallon-Capital-Management-inside-smallExplain this to me please if you will.  Democrats bitch and moan about Koch brothers but are ok with Tom Steyer who as reported launched into a profanity-laced rant when interviewed by the Sacramento Business Journal when asked about his plans for the state.


Steyer, who spent $74 million in a largely wasted effort to elect Democrats in 2014, is planning to try again in 2016–and he has big plans to buy California politicians, including more aggressive climate change laws, and a statewide $15 per hour minimum wage–regardless of what the facts say about the cost in jobs to the state.


The man is plainly stating even though he is not an elected official, he will be ruling and calling the shots in California. He is using his money to BUY his way in an effort to rule California. I thought the Democrats were against billionaires buying elections?


The Business Journal quizzed Steyer about the fact that California pays higher energy costs than most other states, and about the fact jobs are fleeing from the state–even those “green” companies. Steyer denied the energy figures, saying those who cited them were “idiots” and that the true cost of energy, when health costs from pollution were factored in, meant that other states actually paid more, especially coal-burning states: “…not so cheap. It’s bad accounting.” Even though there is no facts to back up his claim.

Steyer seemed to lose it over the facts of the rising cost for doing business in California’s already-overly aggressive clean energy policies:

We’re trying to be the best place to live and work in the world. Everyone wants to reduce it to cost per hour, so let’s pay people nothing and pay no taxes and pollute like (expletive deleted). That’s not who we are. That’s not who we are trying to be. We have a completely different model, and it’s succeeding.

A number of exposes, including by mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, have detailed how Steyer has made a fortune from investments that include the fossil fuel industry. His defenders on the left say that scrutiny of Steyer’s past is “not legitimate.”

Steyer has not laid out details of which candidates or initiatives he will be buying, but he is watching closely. He was spotted by Breitbart at the last Democratic presidential debate.


This man has no sense of what it is like to pay these high utility bills due to his insane push for global warming cult laws. He has to lie about costs in other states, but yet companies are leaving California due to the ungodly high price of energy.


Remember next time a liberal brings up the Koch brothers mention George Soros,Tom Steyers, Warren Buffet and of course Mister Gun Control Michael Bloomberg.