BREAKING: Russian Hackers Reveal PROOF Megyn Kelly Is Working For Hillary, You’ll Vomit

The hacker site, run by anti-corruption Russian hackers, has been cracking open internal Democratic National Committee emails and posting their contents on their site for Democrats and Republicans alike to see, with horror. It’s great that this site is finally giving some transparency into the inner workings of the DNC, which this election cycle has been fully under the control of the Clintons and their associates.
A recent leak, however, gave a frightening look into just how far the Clinton money machine has gone to control the media this election. The Clintons, of course, want to make sure that what’s out there in the news supporters the narrative they want to tell, and ignores all of her health problems and the criminal dealings done by the Clinton Foundation.
The most shocking revelation in this latest leak is that some staff members at Fox News are now working for Hillary Clinton as operatives. The leaked email in particular showed that this operatives list includes staff members from The Kelly File and Shepard Smith Reporting. Does it surprise you at all that Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith, as well as their staff, may be on Hillary’s payroll? Check out the leaked email below: