CNN Leftist Charles Kaiser Uses N-Word Live on Air: WARNING RACIST LANGUAGE

WARNING RACIST LANGUAGE: contributor and author Charles Kaiser alleged that President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen K. Bannon was “a man who uses the word n*gger” Tuesday afternoon on “CNN Newsroom.”


Kaiser said,

“And then of course in July he retweeted an image of his opponent with the six-pointed Jewish star on it,” he continued. “I thought that was a mistake, but we have bigger problems here. also in july, you know, he selected as his vice president the most homophobic man in American public life, a person who believes that gay people actually do not have the right too exist, and then, if you don’t want to support the alt-right, don’t choose as a White House Counselor a man who uses the word n*gger, whose wife says that he did not want his daughters to go to a school with too many Jews, and don’t choose as an attorney general a man who calls the NAACP an un-American organization and who we learned in The Guardian today went so far as to prosecute –.”

Anchor Brooke Baldwin then asked Kaiser not to say the “n-word” on her show.


At the end of the segment, a visibly upset Baldwin sharply criticized Kaiser for using the n-word, and said that “the claim that Mr. Bannon used the n-word — I’ve never heard of this. So, there’s that.”


But this man not only said it but spelled it out on his Facebook.