Cruz lied AGAIN. 

In the attempt to destroy Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz has decided to throw a hell Mary at him during the debates on national TV so the audience can hear the misinformation before they learn the truth the next day. It’s a tactic used by mainstream media countless times and as with the fact checking, sooner or later they are found out.

Cruz asserted Trump backed Hillary for President back in 2008 by writing four checks but CNN made clear he was lying. This is bad.




Reality Check: Cruz on Trump’s donations to Hillary Clinton

By Lisa Rose, CNN

Ted Cruz questioned how effective Trump will be squaring off against Hillary Clinton in a general election, given his history of donating money to her political campaigns.

“Donald Trump in 2008 wrote four checks to elect Hillary Clinton as president,” Cruz said. “How can you stand on a debate stage with her and say you don’t think she should be president?”

That’s not quite right, according to the Federal Election Commission and the Center for Responsive Politics..

Trump donated one $600 check to Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2007. But Trump also contributed to 2008 GOP nominee Sen. John McCain’s campaign, and gave him more, to boot.

In response to Cruz, Trump acknowledged donating to Clinton. “I supported Clinton,” Trump said. “I supported many other people, by the way.”

Indeed, the businessman, his family and his companies donated more than $10,000 to Clinton dating back to her days as a New York senator in 2002. It’s also true that Trump has donated lots of money to a broad array of politicians. His FEC profile is a testament to his prolific efforts funding candidates, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Amid all the filings, however, we couldn’t find any records of Trump contributions to Clinton in 2008.

Verdict: False.



Yes Trump has even responded with this one before:


Ted Cruz of course is a attorney which mean two things: One he a trained liar and Two he knows the truth is not needed, all he needs is just a little doubt. Question is is that enough to sway any Republican know he is a paidand trained liar?