DNC attempt to silence free speech

download-1This whole talking point of “false” or “fake” news is nothing more than another attempt to discredit anything negative said about Democrats. It is nothing more than a way for Facebook, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC and the DNC to silence anything said that would hurt the DNC or any of its many politicians.  It just another attempt at not only silencing our free speech but also it preventing the truth from being exposed.

images-1Here in the United States we have the fake news syndrome where anything said negative about a Democrat is fake news. In a weak attempt to slam the President Elect, the Liberal party is jumping on the band wagon by making the same accusations toward Trump. In their attempt for power, the Liberals will do anything to push their own demented agenda by stooping to any low and demented methods, ignore any law and destroy any constitutional law that stand in their way.

imagesThe corrupt Democratic Party will continue this onslaught of “dirt bag Don Juan” techniques until the only opinion left is the one they have created.  And, we as a people are dumb enough to believe the crap that is being spewed from the oral cavities.  This more than a free speech on the internet fight. People…..wake the truck up and realize that this is a FREEDOM FIGHT. We now have major corporations assisting in the destruction of not just United State freedom of speech but of all mankind’s freed of speech. Now the European Union is mandating Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others to remove anything the E.U. demises as “hate” speech. It has already been seen and reported that if you speak out against the invasion in Europe or you speak out against politicians pushing globalism you are slammed for hate speech.

images-3We saw in this past election leaked DNC emails emerged showing illegal to questionable actions from liberals. Did they deny doing these acts?  NO. Did they apologize for their actions?  Think again and I betcha the answer is still NO. What they did do was claim that no one could legally read those hacked emails because they were “illegally obtained.”  Apparently the ONLY people worthy enough to read these precious emails are those people of the main stream media. Yeah, if that don’t smell fishy than Im not six foot tall.  They then determined that these leaked emails were no fake news and did not mean anything during the election processes.  This was determined by the main stream media because apparently they know more and know BETTER than us U.S. Citizens.

20161116_media_0People went looking for the truth and left MSM behind finding alternative media outlets and hosts that are willing to speak the truth. This now leads us to where we are today.  The MSM helping to push the “fake/false” news to help cover up and silence the truth. As MSM want to determine what is the truth and what isn’t as told to them through the DNC.