Email to Hillsborough County Republican Party Headquarters

I highly doubt they can or will answer.  This question is also meant for ALL candidate and their supporters.  He is the email I sent:


As a registered Republican I have one question for the Republican Party. Seeing that you are my local party affiliation I pose this question to you.

Why does the Republican party think it is a good idea to insult fellow Republicans, just because we are currently backing Donald Trump. Do you think that if Trump does not make it as the party presidential nominee, that with all of the verbal abuse from the Republican Party elected officials down to fellow members, that we will back another Republican party period. You think you can insult, degrade and expect us to come and help? That is like expecting a dog you kick around to come when you need the dog.

I thought the Republican Party believed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I thought you believe in independent thought and free speech. I find it sickening what is going on in the party. I expect this kind of behavior from liberals but not the Republican party. Maybe this shows just how out of touch you are with the common man. I do not see you answering this email, because the Republican Party does not care anymore.