Flip Flopping like a fish out of water.

So let me get this straight: a voter ID card is racist. Here are some reason’s from Liberal sites.


 Voter ID laws don’t affect all people equally. The Brennan Center found that the percentage of voting-age citizens lacking photo IDs was significantly higher among African Americans, people aged 65 or older, and low-income Americans than among the voting-age population as a whole. Regardless of intention, the result of these restrictions on voting is to disenfranchise people of color at higher rates—and the Voting Rights Act prohibits any election rule or practice that disproportionately affects minority voters.

It might not be pure coincidence that the groups most affected by voter ID laws and similar restrictions tend to vote Democrat and the backers of such laws are mostly Republicans. For people of faith, though, this is not a partisan issue, but rather a simple matter of fairness and justice. Who gets included in our democratic processes says everything about who we are as a people, and plays an important role in determining the direction of our public policies.



So now we have the decision of what to actually call the Democrats for what they actually are.   Hmmmm…….. what name actually fits the bill.  Off the top of my head the following come to mind:   Left, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists  or Communists.   Its clearly up to us the American public to pick what we want to call them for what they truly are. Those  who claim that ID cards are racist and they will stop the minority population from voting.

Here is a small list of When/Where Valid IDs are required:

Union Election                                                    DMV

Airports                                                                 Hospitals

Pharmacy                                                             Blood Donation

Banks                                                                    Gun Shops

Writing a Check                                                 Adoption Agency

Social Security office                                         Pawn Shop

Jail                                                                         Using a Credit Card



So now the Left wants all gun owners to get and carry a ID card.  Under their thinking isn’t that racist? I mean if requiring minorities who buy guns to get a a ID would be racist? This shows the hypocrisy of the left.  It is racist to have a voter identification card for American Politics but it is not racist to mandate an ID to Union Election.