Florida Tea party members suggest censor speech they do not agree with.

Now for second night I had issues with this page on facebook Official Florida Tea Party, really should be renamed anti free speech page. Because if you say anything Pro Trump you are meant with attacks you are meant with insults about your family, sexual comments about your spouses, you are cussed at, belittle and told how great they are while telling you that you are “tattoed piece of recycled rat shit. “( side note the man that said this to me and nit picked my grammar misspelled tattooed, I copy and pasted his comment)

another cruz supporter


When I ask Blake to clarify because I am sure there is Military,Law Enforcement,Fire Fighters and Ems personnel that would like his justification on tattoo’s.

Then their is Blake insulting my family because he is so educated.


Cruz supporters

blake bragging


. Now during this whole time they tell you they are Consitutionalist that Trump is offending their conservative values. Conservative values… hmm does conservative value mean making sexual comments about spouses?

more wendell making comments about my wife




This is also the same man whos conservative Tea party Values said this

more cruz



there is good old Wendell Threatening Trump..Oh and asking for naked picture of Trumps wife, good old conservative values.



The even more conservative Florida Tea party Values.. You think they would have stopped but nope..


cruz supporters at their best

Then their is the creator of Official Florida Tea party and his conservative Values. Doug




Now their Constitutional supporting conservative Values thought lets kick out those that do not agree with us because that is so free speech.

free speech or anti speech


Those that block or limit free speech never do so with ill intent.

Lastly if those are conservative values that are learned and approved by their candidate Ted Cruz, I will more then glad leave the party just as easy as I joined the party. Because the TEA PARTY is no different then the Democrat socialist party.

Last for those Ted Cruz supporters that continue to compared Trump to Hitler you may want to research who started all that, because it was not the GOP it was not the Tea Party it was liberal news papers. So you are propping up your conservative values with liberal propaganda.

I have contact several Florida Tea party site, Republican National convention, Hillsborough Republican party, Representative Matt Gaetz with no response yet. If they respond will post their responses.