From one Law Enforcement to the Public

This was written by a good friend of mine, I served along side of him with pride. Of all the Law Enforcement this one is the easiest and nicest.

With only about 6 months to go before retirement I’ve see such a change towards my brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement in the last 5 years. When once we were your heros , only now seen as your enemy until you need us. We’ve been cursed at and told how we are nothing but corrupt and untrusted. I know this doesn’t apply to the majority of citizens, just as the majority of police officers are not bad or corrupt. I, as many in my law enforcement family, have taken an oath to up hold laws and protect your rights. Lately I’ve been approached by many that have nothing but negative feelings towards police officers which includes myself. Yes I was shocked on this one myself, me, the easist officer that you’ll ever come in contact with!!!! Even though I have never disrespected anyone based on Race, religion or nationality I get the blame because I am a Police Officer. When approached by such individuals I don’t get into an argument. I stand there, look them in the eye and then listen and talk to them. I dont get into heated argument because it goes no where and this will not solve the tension show towards us. I listen to their complaints and then calmly explain police training, really life situations that I have experienced and how to better understand each other to make our community better. In addition I ask what they personally have done to make their community better, how they become role models for others and how they would better the relationship between the community and police. Of course I have yet to meet one person who said they are doing X,Y and Z to better anything.I hear the negative but never the positive. I personally wish I have heard something positive to better the community and police. These conversations are not easy but the way I see it, it starts with one individual and hopefully its passed to others. I hope someday that times change when the community and police officers once again work together because I know that I, as many of of my Law Enforcement family, have pride to being an officer and serving the community and State.