Law of the Land Written By: Jersey Joe

gruberSo as the Obamacare debate starts back up after new videos of Jonathan Gruber surface, I got thinking. Democrats and their supporters often say that the Obamacare debate is over because it is “the law of the land”. Well through history we have been taught as Americans that it is not so cut and dry. Back in the early days of America slavery was not only the norm, it was rule by the Supreme Court to be constitutional and “the law of the land”. It seems history is somewhat repeating in the fact that Republicans have had to fight another law that the Democrats have created and follow. The Supreme Court has ruled both Slavery was constitutional by a vote of 8-1 and that Obamacare is constitutional by a vote of 5-4. That in itself is a huge difference in the votes. It seems yet again the Republican Party has a long and hard fought road ahead of them. But if any party can point us in the right direction, it is the Republican Party. They have corrected not only slavery but they put a end to women suffrage and twice fought and got the civil right acts passed. So for the Democrats to keep saying Obamcare is “the law of the land” they need to look at history of this great nation. But I understand what and why the Democrats keep using the phrase “the law of the land”. They use that phase as an end all be all statement, and when people hear it, it gives the sense that it cannot be changed. This is not saying it cannot be changed, just the appearance it cannot. The Democratic Party is very good at and is known for using words to manipulate words which will manipulate a person’s thinking. So to my fellow citizens, if anyone says to you that Obamacare is “the law of the land” just remind them that, slavery and women not having the right to vote, was “THE LAW OF THE LAND” until the Republicans fought those political battles. – See more at: