Leaked Rubio memo calls Trump fans “WHITE TRASH”

Donald Trump may be many things, but the billionaire tycoon is not “white trash,” at least according to the common definition.

Democratic insiders and Republican elites have joined forces, it seems, and have orchestrated a new attack on the GOP front runner, on social media.

A leaked memo tells supporters of Clinton, Sanders, and Marco Rubio to attack Trump supporters as “racist” “white trash” “fat” and “trailer trash.”

This is an attack designed to hurt Trump’s fans feelings, as many of them are Blue Collar voters who have been stigmatized by the media as being “gauche.”


From a Democratic Site:

“trump supporters are really well dressed in their cheap blue collar outfits which is all they can afford after being so fat and lazy that haven’t worked in years. I saw a fat slob wearing a American flag shirt where the stars were getting stretched out on his giant belly. Trump supporters are working class white losers who are so pathetic that they’ll suck off trump for a minimum wage job. You’re one of them.”

This attack continues on facebook twitter and other forms of social media.  It shows how low they will go to try and discredit Trump.









Source: SHOCK: Leaked Rubio memo calls Trump fans “WHITE TRASH” |