Liberals in Tea party Clothing

This so called Tea party site supports and promote censorship. These so called Tea party admins promote the censorship, promote liberal tactics. These members do are nothing more then liberals in conservatives clothing. These members support stealing of American Votes the support Obama tactics. These member do NOTHING to promote the freedom of American! These people are coward when face with opposition they block and hide with promoting their coward-est liberal agendas! Beware of this group as they are not what they say they are!

Official Florida TEA Party.



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The admins promote censorship and promote the silencing of free speech! These members hide and block and admins do nothing claiming ignorance. These are the tactics of liberals and the tactic we as true conservatives have fought against for the last 7 years. When you are quiet you are part of the problem. Claiming ignorance is not a justification for censoring. Cowards this page are hide behind blocking conservatives and censoring. I do not mind, I may not like or agree with someone, but when they are so cowardice to block and hide I care. When someone claims they are for freedoms but block and hide that is not freedom of speech.  Official Florida TEA Party is not for promoting freedoms, and I warn all fellow citizens to steer clear of this SO CALLED Tea party site.


It is sickening that this site using the name Tea Party as they run that name through the mud. This is not just about me I have been contacted by several people who have had the same experience on this so called Tea Party site.