Libertarian Party is the freaking problem


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I always love hearing the “I am a Constitutional Conservative” routine cuz it is too dang funny. The same party that screwed the 2012 Presidential election are the same ones screwing it over now they converted to the libertarian party (ooohhhh lala, how freakin’ special).  They still have the same tactics.  It’s their way and the way only.   They do not know any better and frankly do not care because if you disagree they get all pissy and claim you’re against the constitution and their morals.  Really??  Who really gives a rats ass if we disagree with your sorry ass and everything you stand for?  I sure as hell don’t and I am pretty sure I can at least find several hundreds who don’t either.

Did anyone pay particular attention when Rand Paul was still in the running, Cruz and Trump ACTUALLY got along and worked well together?   Paul supporters spouted about being constitutional conservatives and if you did not agree, you were against them.  Shortly after Paul suspended his campaign is when the working relationship between Cruz and Trump started to go downhill.   It is not the Conservative or Republican parties causing the problems.  It’s the Libertarian Party.   Why do all this?  Frankly, my dear.  The answer is simple.  In order for the Libertarian Party to become a National Party like the RNC or DNC, they need (I believe) 20% of the vote during the Presidential Election.


They see this as a huge opportunity.  First run a third candidate as an anti-Trump candidate.  Secondly the candidate running is campaigning NOT to actually win, but in essence blocking Trump and reach the 20% goal.  Now, if that actually works, Clinton gets elected, and the new National Libertarian Party gets to blame Trump and will be able to use this occasion as a recruitment tool. They (N.L.P.) do not care that Clinton is President.  Clinton will damage the country and the N.L.P. can come in and play the hero.