LISTEN: Hannity Tears Into Jon Stewart 

Original article on Sean Hannity:


Sean came out swinging against criticism from former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. On Thursday, Stewart joined Late Show host Stephen Colbert, and used the opportunity to launch an attack on Hannity and Trump supporters, amongst others.

“Attack me all you want,” Hannity responded on Friday’s Sean Hannity Show. “I was right about Obama and you were a fool who had your head so far up Obama’s a**, Jon Stewart. I’ve never seen anybody kiss an ass like you kiss his.” Hannity continued by outlining the numerous ways in which the nation has suffered since Barack Obama ascended to the presidency.

“The country’s not better off Jon,” Sean continued. “We’ve got 95 million Americans out of the labor force, Jon. Do you care about them? I know you’re a rich liberal. You donating money to the 46 million American families on food stamps, Jon? Hey Jon, you helping out the 50 million Americans in poverty? Hey Jon, are you gunna use your wealth from all of your comedy writers that lay out the material for you, are you gunna help pay down the debt Obama has accumulated? More debt than every other president before him combined? Are you gunna help, Jon, the 1-in-5 American families in this country that don’t have a single family member that have a job?”


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