National Review writer shows true colors

Constitution-burning-teaser-660x350-1425289911Whether you like Trump or hate Trump that is not for me to judge.  However, the writer of this article went too FAR. He talks about how you have to be a politician or a General to run for President and if you are not either one of them then you are infesting the campaign.  By writing this piece this writer shows how out of touch he and other people are with the common person.  He is a perfect example of why the GOP is hated. He talks as if they are better than everyone else. This writer is full of himself to say the least (person I think he is full of something, I just won’t say what he is full of) and is overflowing his back up through his words.

The writer goes on to say “His promise to make America great again recalls the populism of Andrew Jackson” but fails to remember Ronald Reagan used the same slogan.  He was also neglectful to recall that Reagan was angry and mouthy during a debate and yelled at the moderator that was his microphone since he had paid for it. The writer’s lack of knowledge is painful even to a common person like myself. The writer complains that Trump’s father loaned him $1 million to start out with, and goes on to ramble about Trump branding himself and using the law to his business’s advantage. The writer’s jealousy just flows through the whole piece, as he blames Trump for being successful and tried to knock Trump just because he was on WWE as a guest.

A quote from his piece “Since 1984, when Jesse Jackson ran for president with no credential other than a great flow of words, both parties have been infested by candidates who have treated the presidency as an entry-level position. They are the excrescences of instant-hit media culture. The burdens and intricacies of leadership are special; experience in other fields is not transferable. That is why all American presidents have been politicians, or generals. Any candidate can promise the moon. But politicians have records of success, failure, or plain backsliding by which their promises may be judged.”

Who the hell is he trying to kid?  Because of lies and Bull$hit that this writer is spreading is one of many reasons why Trump has success. Writers like this person show how disgusting the establishment has become. I am not upset because it is a hit piece on Trump.  Everyone has the right to choose their candidate. That is one of many things that make this country so great.  Right, wrong or indifferent everyone has the right to pick the candidate they want.

The problem I have with the, well for lack of a better word, piece this person wrote is how he or she thinks they are above the population and how dare we not blindly follow who the Republican Party wants us to vote for. The writer says that anyone who is not a Politician/General is infesting the campaign.   Those words I expect out of a liberal writer.  I seem to be saying that a lot about “Republicans” lately.  I am disgusted at his lack of knowledge as there is no requirement that the President must be a politician or a General.

There are many more things I find disgusting, but the last big thing is they do not have the guts, or the intestinal fortitude to put their name on the piece of garbage article.

This is just my opinion