New Poll Reveals GOP Landscape in Texas — and It Spells Some Bad News for Ted Cruz 



Ted Cruz only holds a one-point lead over 2016 rival Donald Trump in his home state of Texas, according to a new Emerson Polling survey released Wednesday.


With less than a week until the Texas GOP presidential primary, Senator Ted Cruz is edging out his two chief rivals, with Cruz having 29% of the vote followed by Donald Trump at 28% and Marco Rubio at 25%, according to an Emerson College tracking poll released today. Ohio’s John Kasich is at 9%, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson comes in fifth, with 4%. In the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton holds a solid lead, 56% to 40%, over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It appears the former Secretary of State is well positioned to notch a decisive win in the delegate-rich Lone Star State, which ranks third−behind California and New York−in the number of delegates up for grabs (252).


Of the 446 likely primary voters surveyed Feb. 21-23, 29 percent said they supported the Texas senator, compared to 28 percent who went for Trump.


Trump has the strongest loyalty among his fan base, with 56% of those who have a favorable opinion of him saying they will also vote for him. For Cruz, that figure is 50% and for Rubio 36%. Cruz holds a slight lead of 30% to 29% over Trump with male voters while Cruz and Rubio are tied at 28% among female voters. Trump received 26% of the female vote.



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As the GOP candidates continue to argue over each other’s honesty, 37% of survey respondents said Cruz is the candidate who has been least honest about his own record and that of his Republican rivals. Trump is a close second for “least honest,” chosen by 35%.