NFL Sponsor CEO Emails

I have complied a list of NFL sponsors with their CEO. The last is not complete but a good start. Email the CEO’s and let them know you will not buy their products as long as these over paid players keep kneeling and disrespecting our country’s flag. At the bottom is a letter that you can copy and paste to these CEO’s. Please be respectful, no threats or foul language.

List of NFL Sponsors and emails, these company’s also sponsor the NFL Players Association(NFLPA):

Company:                         CEO                                                                Email:

Gatorade/Pepsi                Indra Nooyi                                            

EA Sports                        Andrew P Wilson                                    

Visa                                 Alfred F. Kelly                                        

Campbells Soup               Denise Morrison                                     

FedEx                              Frederick W. Smith                                 

MARS Snackfood             Grant F. Reid                                          

Dairy Management INC

Sirrius XM                       James E. Meyer                                      

Under Armour                  Kevin Plank

BridgeStone                    Masaaki Tsuya

TicketMaster                    Michael Rapino                                       

Procter & Gamble            David S. Taylor                                         

Verizon Wireless             Lowell C. McAdam                                 


Papa Johns                    John H. Schnatter                                  

Castrol                           Paul Waterman                                      

Anheuser Busch             Carlos Brito

USAA                              Stuart Parker                                        

BOSE                              Bob Maresca, President

Marriot                             Arne Sorenson                                     

News America                   Marty Garofalo

McDonalds                        Paul Pomroy

New ERA                          Christopher H. Koch

Nike                                 Mark Parker

Microsoft                         Satya Nadella

Extreme Networks           Ed Meyercord

NationWide                     Stephen S. Rasmussen                         

TD AmeriTrade                Tim Hockey

Zebra                               Anders Gustafsson

Dannon                            Gustavo Valle

Hyundai                           Jerry Flannery

Ford                                 James Hackett

Frito-Lays                         Albert Carey

Sample Letter:

To whom it may concern:

I highly doubt that you would actually CARE, however I felt it in my heart that I had to inform you with recent activity in the news I will NO LONGER be supporting your company by purchasing your products.  I cannot stand by and support a company who publicly endorses the actions of the NFL players who do not fully support the U.S. flag and those who fought and died to protect what this flag represents.

Just to make myself clear, I will no longer be purchasing your products as I will be taking my hard earned money and will invest it in a company that fully supports the ideals that this country was based upon.  Until the day happens when you see the light and realize your actions are morally and ethically unjust, you can take your products and company and sell it to those you do not respect the country.