Obama Says Opposition To Him Is Partly Racist/Xenophobic, Again

images (1)One would think that those who frequently use the race card would become tired of spewing such nonsense, but that has yet been proven the case.

As he wraps up his presidency and prepares to hand the keys to the White House to his successor, President Obama continues to make excuses for the failed policies of his administration, even resorting to suggest animosity being directed at him is a byproduct of racists Americans who object to him being the first black president.

Obama took a shot at explaining why many Americans oppose policies and why GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to rise in the polls in an interview with National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep.

From Daily Wire:

Inskeep asked, “And you mentioned Donald Trump taking advantage of real anxieties in the country but that the anxieties are real. Some of that anxiety, as you know, focuses on you, Mr. President. And I want to set aside the politicians for a moment and just talk about ordinary voters. Do you feel over seven years that you’ve come to understand why it is that some ordinary people in America believe or fear that you are trying to change the country in some way that they cannot accept?”

“Well, look, if what you are asking me, Steve, is are there certain circumstances around being the first African-American president that might not have confronted a previous president, absolutely,” said Obama, framing himself as enduring unique presidential challenges as a result of his skin color.

Ignoring good faith disagreements with his political orientation, Obama began to speak about those who believed he is a Muslim and/or not born in the U.S. Falsely framing these fringe perceptions as somewhat common, he attributed them to his “unique demographic.”

Speculating about other reasons why some Americans have concerns about his presidency, Obama pointed to his gait and countenance. “Some of them may not like my policies, some of them may just not like how I walk, or my big ears or, you know,” he said.

Obama’s standard answer, “Everybody loves me, unless they are a racist.”

He used to say Bush, Bush, Bush. He’s been mixing it up a bit throwing in Trump, racist, racist, Trump and that’s not who we are.

It does not matter if you were green, why aren’t you willing to take any responsibility for the mess this country is in? And by the way, stop playing the race card, people are sick and tired of it.

When Obama first emerged as a presidential candidate, many people hoped that, if he were elected, it would signify that the U.S. had entered a “post-racial” epoch. By voting for Obama, many Americans believed they were proving they weren’t bigoted. Yet, from the time Obama emerged on the national scene till now, racism has supposedly been the major reason why people disapprove of him and his policies.

This President works tirelessly to divide Americans.

Seven years later into his unpleasant presidency, everyone who disapproves of him has an abundance of valid reasons based on his policies and conduct, or maybe Obama is right, and we’d all cheerfully fall in line behind a dictator who looked different.

Source: WHOA! Obama Just Called the Race Card on Trump…Here’s What he Said