Planned Parenthood Chop Shop

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What I find truly sickening beside the fact Planned Parenthood is making money off of aborted babies, is the fact that human beings are more upset that a Lion got killed.  This is not a debate about pro or anti abortions. I am just talking about the Frankenstein like actions from Planned Parenthood. Their is now questions whether or not they broke federal law. Well that will be hard to determine when the DOJ is investigating the whistle blowers.

Why is it that the left care more for a lion then their own species. They turn their backs on Frankenstein like practice, MSNBC to CNN, more air time is given over a lions death then a human.


Politico reported the news of the coming DOJ investigation:


JUSTICE TO PROBE CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS — While congressional committees investigate Planned Parenthood’s practices, the Justice DepartmeJnt agreed to look into whether the group that released the sting videos obtained the footage legally. In response to a request by House Democrats, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday afternoon that Justice would “review all of the information and determine what the appropriate steps moving forward would be.” Planned Parenthood has staunchly defended its practices and claims that the Center for Medical Progress illegally obtained its footage, then excessively edited it to misrepresent what the organization does.


The DOJ investigations of the Center for Medical Progress, which, unlike Planned Parenthood, is not in the business of killing, viable unborn babies in order to sell their organs for money. Was announced after several Democratic politicians called for the organization to be targeted, even tho they are protected under whistle blower laws:



Four Democrats in Congress — Reps. Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke — have written to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, asking them to open investigations into the Center for Medical Progress. The Democrats say the videos were filmed as part of an “elaborate scheme” — using “fake identification” and without the approval of the Planned Parenthood doctor who appears in them.

It’s interesting that Lynch decided so early to make a statement about the group.




Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday her department is going to review all information surrounding the controversial videos of Planned Parenthood officials taken by an anti-abortion group.

“I’m aware of those matters generally from the media, and from some inquiries that have been made to the Department of Justice, and again at this point we’re going to review all the information and determine what steps, if any, to take at the appropriate time,” Lynch said when asked about the videos at a press conference…

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and ten other Republican senators sent a letter to the DOJ on Wednesday requesting an investigation. They say that Planned Parenthood could have violated laws that ban profiting off the sale of fetal organs…

The letter also states that the group could have violated a law that bans altering the abortion procedure in order to obtain fetal tissue.



Planned Parenthood has already complained in a letter to a House committee that the sting is part of a “harassment” campaign from pro-lifers; there may yet be questions about whether secret recordings of PP doctors tossing out prices for fetal livers between bites of salad violate wiretapping laws.


Now we also find out a Judge William Orrick in San Francisco issued a temporary restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress hours after the order was requested by the National Abortion Federation. In his three-page order, Orrick said the federation would likely suffer irreparable injury absent a temporary restraining order “in the form of harassment, intimidation, violence, invasion of privacy, and injury to reputation.” The National Abortion Federation sued in federal court in San Francisco, alleging that the Center for Medical Progress infiltrated its meetings and recorded its members. The group says release of any audio or video would put members in danger.


David Daleiden, a leader of the Center for Medical Progress who is also named in the suit, said in a statement that Planned Parenthood and its allies were trying to silence the group and suppress investigative journalism. “The Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable laws in the course of our investigative journalism work and will contest all attempts from Planned Parenthood and their allies to silence our First Amendment rights,” he said


Later, The Federalist reported that Judge Orrick was an Obama appointee, revealing a serious conflict of interest:

Orrick was nominated to his position by hardline abortion supporter President Barack Obama. He was also a major donor to and bundler for President Obama’s presidential campaign. He raised at least $200,000 for Obama and donated $30,800 to committees supporting him, according to Public Citizen.

However, the NAF seems to have something to hide or it wouldn’t be so fearful about what might be in the videos. The same thing happened Wednesday when StemExpress obtained a temporary restraining order to prevent CMP from releasing any videos that show members of their leadership. Later, CMP President, Daleiden,said on CNN:

In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants. And so that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape and they’re very scared of it.

Notably absent thus far from the lawsuit frenzy to censor CMP is Planned Parenthood itself, the target of the exposé. It’s likely that if the abortion giant filed a suit, it would then have to answer questions in court.


I wonder just how low will the left go?

You can read the text of Judge Orrick’s order here.