President Obama Vetoes Bill That Challenges His “Climate Change” Agenda

Climate change — formerly known as global warming before “scientists” realized that the globe wasn’t actually getting warmer — has been a top priority for President Obama.

He has used the EPA to carry out his radical environmental agenda regardless of whether or not the people like it or whether it is legal or not.

Well, the people don’t like it and the representatives they elected to Congress to speak for them put a bill on Obama’s desk that was aimed at derailing his aggressive climate change moves.

Congress spoke. And President Obama promptly ignored them.

From The Hill:

President Obama has vetoed a pair of measures by congressional Republicans that would have overturned the main pillars of his landmark climate change rules for power plants.

The decision was widely expected, and Obama and his staff had repeatedly threatened the action as a way to protect a top priority and major part of his legacy.

That rule from the Environmental Protection Agency mandates a 32 percent cut in the power sector’s carbon output by 2030.

The votes came before and during the United Nations’ major climate change conference in Paris, as an attempt to undermine Obama’s negotiating position toward an international climate pact.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and a vocal climate change doubter, said it’s important to send a message about congressional disapproval, even with Obama’s veto.

“While I fully expect these CRA resolutions to be vetoed, without the backing of the American people and the Congress, there will be no possibility of legislative resurrection once the courts render the final judgments on the president’s carbon mandates,” he said on the Senate floor shortly before the Senate’s action on the resolutions.

If there is one thing this president loves to do, it’s rebuke Congress.

The public also blame their local and state government officials for the high cost of power.

In reality, these regulations were unnecessarily burdensome and will surely contribute to the destruction of the oil and coal industries that will cost this country jobs.

Whenever President Obama and his unbelievably corrupt EPA install regulations like this, people lose their jobs and cost to citizens goes up. Some people have to choose between power and food, heat or starve, heat stroke or water.

Plain and simple.

Luckily, the climate isn’t the only thing that changes.  We will also be changing presidents soon.

Fingers crossed that it will be someone who will rein in these overreaching regulations.