Progressives protecting Sharia law that kills LGBT community



The left protects those that want to kill the gay and lesbian community.   The left wants to protect those that mistreat, rape and kill women.


BUT they attack Donald J. Trump because he and @RosieODonnellOfficial got into a war of words with each other.  I understand Donald and Rosie do not like each other. TRUST me……….I get it.  However, in the middle of protecting those that practice Sharia law and attempting to demonize Donald Trump, DUMB-ASS comments are being made on a daily occurance.  These are the most stupidest things that I have ever seen.

The left is protecting a group that strongly believes in the murder of the gay and lesbian person simply because of their love of someone of the same gender.  One cannot help who they love and who they take to bed.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with my wonderful wife.  Frankly, my dear I do not know she puts up with me, my shit and STILL comes home to bed with me every night.  And frankly my dear, I don’t really give a damn who the heck you take to bed.  Don’t bug me. As long as you keep your personal business, your personal business.

The left is protecting a group that kills, beats and disfigures women for simply taking a walk by themselves, driving a car or any of the thousands of things American women take for granted.


It is sick how the left use gay and lesbians as they protect those that want to kill and that so many Gay and Lesbians figures help protect those that would kill them!