Rand Paul the Gate Keeper of the Senate

We the people have been screaming for another ronald Reagan, We have been begging for another Ronald Reagan. If people could remember, Ronald Reagan was a Pro Life Democrat. He went nuts at a debate telling the moderator he paid for the mic(click here to watch), any of this sounding familiar? I believe we got someone that is close to Ronald Reagan and people attacked him for also being a one time Democrat, they attack him for being aggresive at a debate. Now of course I have said all this before. I bring this up due to Rand Paul actions for good or bad.

I think Rand paul would make a great Gatekeeper to Trump’s Keymaster (if you dont get the reference, go watch Ghostbusters)

Rand Paul I believe is not the answer, he has a style that right now is not hopeful to the country. Right now we need a aggressive person like Trump, not someone that wants the country to fall into itself. From world problem to world attacks whether foreign or domestic. He is no Obama, but he has some things in common.

His foreign affairs, his wanting to ignore the outside world and the big pet peeve believing that if we ignore and stay out of everyone’s business, they will leave us alone. He believes that if we leave ISIS alone they will leave us alone. Leaving ISIS alone whether they murder people by the truck load, is not something we should turn our heads on,

Rand Paul has said we can negotiate with ISIS, the only negotiate ISIS understands is death. His supporter as I have been told by many”we are not under attack by anyone. ISIS does not care about us”. We are a threat no matter what, to ISIS. For the most part we are a country of christians, we are a country of Jewish faith that makes us a Target.

This is not meant as a bash toward Rand Paul, I know some will take it as one. I believe he is better served in the Senate and keeping a watchful eye over the Senate floor. I believe he would be the best Majority Leader, who know the Constitution, without looking at note or a book. Where better is that served but in the Senate. That is the best place for him to protect the process, the best place for Rand Paul to be.

Every time the U.S. has gone into a isolationist type government the world goes to hell. Whether we like it or not we are the big brother/the police of the world. So I do not care for the idea of stepping away from all of the world event, it sounds more of a liberal plan. Now this does not mean that every little hiccup, every little nations arguing that we have to be involved.

A good example is years gone by, playing at your playground, a little argument starts. No one wants it to blow up too big. Why because Mom was not far away, no one wanted Mom to come over and interven. Yes every now and then that big scuffle broke out, and here came Mom. No one had fun when mom had to come get involved.

If we dont do who will RUSSIA?,CHINA?, EUROPEAN UNION? or the UNITED NATIONS? I do not like war one bit, but it is part of life. It does not mean every little problem we start a war, sometimes a show of force is all it takes, a little U.S. muscle shown. If needed I would rather take the fight to our enemy then have them attacking us on U.S. soil, no matter how small the attacks are, no matter who they are.

Then again this is only my opinion.