Suicide of the West

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American Bikers United Against Jihad – ABUAJ

Too many people in Europe, America and Australia, including heads of states, politicians, humanitarian as well as non-humanitarian organizations etc. have succumbed to a syndrome I refer to as “emotional incontinence”.
This syndrome is characterized by a powerful sense of irrational guilt that manifests itself in a mindless tendency towards behavior that approaches self-destruction.
This syndrome has been extensively spread, orchestrated and manipulated by the “Liberal” international media.

One such example is the iconic image of the dead child on the beach of Turkey. This image motivated emotional incontinence and incited an unknown number of westerners to support and advocate welcoming of huge and uncontrolled numbers of Muslim “immigrants” into the West without any regard for the consequences. Their only desire is to feel good about themselves by the need to quell their sense of irrational guilt for a problem they did not cause.

This collective psychological syndrome has motivated them to support a fateful decision with no consideration of the negative consequences. This irresponsible decision to accept great numbers of immigrants will cause a drastic upheaval in the social and economic fabric of the West as well as a complete change in its demographics. The negative consequences will be an enormous decline in the West’s social, political and economic stability and wellbeing and eventually will lead to a total collapse of the civilization that made the West so free and successful.

The West did not cause the unfolding tragedy in the Middle East. The cause of the tragedy is completely due to Islam, caused by centuries of religious conflicts prescribed by Islamic doctrine that began with Muhammad. It is imbedded in the very DNA of Islam. Muslim immigration to the West will never resolve the war between Muslims and as long as Islam exists, this Middle East will constantly be plagued by unrest and wars. Muslim immigrants will only serve to act as hosts, spreading the fatal virus of Islamic intolerance, hatred and violence to the West.

If one were to take a closer look at these immigrants, any sane person could recognize they are not genuine asylum seekers looking for safety but are mostly young adult males, who are seeking the generous social benefits that Europe has to offer. They are potential parasites who will live off the host’s blood and until the host is dry resulting in its death.

The majority of those so called “asylum seekers” come from relatively secure locations in Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. They don’t need asylum. They are seeking an economic privileged life in a naively generous European country just like the father of the drown child in Turkey. The same goes for other Muslim immigrants from such countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Eritrea as well as elsewhere in Africa.

These people are not asylum seekers and they are not immigrating due to the tragedy occurring in Syria and Iraq. They are simply part of an Islamic invasion from countries ruined by centuries of Islamic Culture and they will surely ruin their host countries by spreading their evil Islamic ideology. They are being encouraged and greeted by armies of self-loathing Westerners driven by their ignorance, who naively imagine themselves to be agents of peace, love and tolerance. The reality is these naïve people are leading the West down the path of self-destruction. They are leading us all to an imminent death.12004828_486895108150452_5268811989456440507_n