The Goldilocks way of Governing

goldilocksSo Here I am prepping and researching for my  next show when I come across a link to a page shared by The Unpleasant Blind Guy. Side note another great conservative commentator, listen to him on SHRmedia also. Ok back to this link… I did not write this, but Karla D. Downing ask’s a very important question at the end and it made me think but I do have a answer that I have stated before I one of my shows. Again this a piece by Conservatism Versus Liberalism :

Conservatism Versus Liberalism: Does Philosophy Really Matter?

  The foundational belief system you hold determines your views on specific issues. You then have strong opinions you feel are right. If you look at the core beliefs of Conservatism and Liberalism, you can understand and explain the different stands taken on specific issues and the vision each has for our country. These beliefs are opposites in every area and diametrically opposed.  


“C- Families know best how to raise their children. They need to be strengthened and have the right to raise their children the way they want.
L- It takes a “village” not a family to raise a child. Families need government help and oversight. Cradle to grave involvement is optimal.
C-Society is composed of individuals to be judged on their individual merit. Values individualism, self-reliance, and independence.
L-Sees society as composed of groups: black vs. white, old vs. young, rich vs. poor, male vs. female. These groups are pitted against each other. Stirs up racial and class envy and division.

C-Individuals are responsible for themselves and their actions. Crime should be punished. Evil exists and good should fight against it. 
L-Society is responsible for individuals. Man is inherently good and something causes him to do wrong.  
They talk about how we need to change society when someone does wrong. Even terrorists need to be understood.

C-Limit to how much can be taken from people to give to others. Welfare should help people to become independent (not dependent) and given to those truly incapable of taking care of themselves.
L- Supports welfare state. Government is morally justified taking from those that have and giving it to others because people are entitled to basic needs including housing, food, healthcare, income, etc. even if they are able to work.

C- Promotes equal justice.
L- Promotes social justice.  “

The author uses more examples which can be found here 
Then goes on to explain differences between the two. At the end is where they ask you a important question.

”  Liberalism (progressivism) wants to pull us further towards a welfare state with an ever-expanding web of social entitlements and more federal power and control over every aspect of our lives. Liberalism sees a nation of people incapable of solving their problems without the government’s help.

Conservatism believes a powerful federal government limits personal freedom. It seeks to stop the growing entitlement programs, encourage individual responsibility, and return Constitutionally mandated power to the states. Conservatism sees a nation of people capable of solving their own problems with minimal government help, as long as the people are free.

The Republican Party’s platform is primarily Conservative and the Democratic Party’s platform is primarily Liberal. This does not mean that every Republican is a conservative or that every Democrat is a liberal. However, if you watch the stands the parties take on issues, you will see that the Republican Party is more conservative and the Democratic Party is more liberal in their stands on issues and policies and the direction they want to take us.

If you are still unclear as to what the differences between the philosophies are consider this:

If either Party or philosophy held all 100 US Senators, all 435 Congressionmen and the President for 10 years, what would our nation be like if Conservatives held them compared to what would it be like if the Liberals held them?

I propose to you that we would have two entirely different nations.
It is truly a time for choosing. Which nation do you want?  “

Author: Karla D. Downing 
So he asked a simple question, well the way I read it, is do we want a all conservative controlled Country or a all liberal Controlled country. Well I think those two choice …..well it just sucks. I would not want to live in either of those Countries… Both Countries would be so one sided it would be too extreme. Yes I said it I would not want to live in a Country run by all Conservatives on the flips side I would not want to live in a all liberal controlled Country either. As I said it would be so extreme, now here is where I will get the hate mail……
I would rather live in the country we had, and some what still have. One in which both parties keep each other in check. Example 1990’s Democrat’s had control for 8 year, the democrats got cocky and their ego went unchecked. So 2000’s we had Bush for 8 years,this time it was the Republicans that got cocky and thought they could not lose. It seem the people get tired of a party as a whole if they are in office to long. That is where I feel both parties keep each other in check. That is not happening with either party right now. But to answer his question I would want a 50-50. That seems to put us on a path not too conservative not to liberal , but the leave the  porridge just right. 
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