The show is expanding

I went from doing a Podcast thinking that no one would listen, let alone a radio station wanting to broadcast my podcast. After Sack Head Shaun and Sack Head Clint believing in my show and myself, I started to broadcast live on SHRmedia after some words of encouragement From Sack head Shaun.

After a hiatus due to family issues, I came back to the open arms of SHRmedia.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked to fill in for Sack Head Shaun on his Edge of Liberty show broadcasting out of South New Jersey and Philly.  Shortly after I was done filling in, I was asked to do a noon time show 5 days a week for SHRmedia. Then to find out it would be  broadcasted live from SHRmedia and now Pundit Press. Still I thought luck and over whelmed that not just one station but now 2 stations believe in my show and message.  I have now been asked to have all my live shows rebroadcasted the day after  on another internet radio station. I never thought when I started I would be doing 6 shows a week and broadcasted on 3 internet Radio station. I am honored for the chances and look forward to where this road my lead.

Thank you all and especially Sack head Shaun

Jersey Joe

Joseph Antrobus Jr.