These five charts DESTROY liberal arguments for stricter gun control

With all the hype over gun control, let’s talk about gun statistics in America. We’re told there are 30,000 gun deaths a year in America and that no other nations have as many mass shootings as we do.

The first statistic neglects that most of those deaths are suicides, and the second claim isn’t true either. I only bring those statistics up because they’re the only ones I constantly hear in favor of gun control.

On the other side of the argument is a wealth of statistics showing that gun control is a farce.

Here are five fascinating statistics on guns, as sourced from IJ Review:

1. Gun ownership is up big time while murders continue to fall

If more guns are supposed to make us less safe that certainly hasn’t turned up in the statistics. Now obviously the decline might not be completely attributable to the rise in gun ownership but it hasn’t increased despite it as gun control proponents would predict.

2. Globally, more guns doesn’t equal more gun homicides

We may have a higher frequency of mass shootings – but we have a much higher population than most other countries. When we adjust for population and deaths, other nations have it worse than we do.

4. Deaths from mass shootings are on the decline

Not like you’d know if you paid attention to the media.

5. At the state-by-state level, gun control doesn’t mean safety

This chart is perhaps the most important. The pro-gun control Brady Campaign releases a scorecard each year ranking states by the strength of their gun control laws. The higher the Brady score, the more restrictions there are placed on firearms.

Unfortunately for the gun control zealots, when we compare states homicide rates against their Brady scores, we find that there is no evidence that States with higher Brady scores are safer.

In other words – gun control doesn’t work, and we can thank the Brady Campaign for helping prove it.

Source: These five charts DESTROY liberal arguments for stricter gun control