Together We Stand Divided We Fall

1806655_origAren’t we all like minded American Patriots? Don’t we all want the same thing for this country? To see God put back into this country, to see ISIS defeated and to hear the sounds of freedom ring again? To bring back the importance of our Constitution?? Do we not all (or most of us) all stand on the same side of the fence when it comes to what we want and what our political views are?? Don’t we all just want our country back??? Then will someone please tell me why I’m seeing so many American Patriots saying that if Trump is the nominee then they will not be voting for him? Does this mean an American Patriot casts a vote for Hillary?? (that doesn’t even make sense). Please tell me why I am seeing so many Trump supporters bashing other American Patriots because Cruz or other candidates are their first choice as a vote. Why are we as American Patriots and III %ers bashing other Patriots (our own brothers and sisters!!) to begin with??????? Who cares what someone else’s personal choice /opinion is! We all want the same thing in the end, so if I believe that a certain candidate is a better choice than that’s my opinion, right? Just as u have your own opinion, and that’s OK… Because we are all human, we are all Patriots and in the end we all still want the exact same outcome!!


I had a lady ( a trump supporter) get real bitchy with me because I would choose Cruz over Trump (my personal opinion)….. And then she blocked me (which, ok, that’s fine… No big deal. No love lossed), but wake up people!!!!!! We as Patriots, Oath Keepers and III%ers need to be banding together and standing together to take our country back instead of bitching and griping because somebody hopes for a different candidate then u.. Don’t get me wrong, I could understand if I was casting a vote for Hillary…. By all means chew them people out, smack them around a little, do what u have to do to knock some sense into those idiots….. But stop condemning and bashing those that stand with u and just want the same end results for this country as u do!!!! Even if it means their choice of a Presidential candidate is different than yours. As long as that candidate stands on the same side of the fence than who cares…. We as Patriots will get nowhere if we can’t start with our own!!!!! Empower each other to stand, empower each other to fight and give their all, stand beside me, not in front of me, and not behind me… Stand with me and stand with each other!!!!



Angela Dixie Robinson

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  1. Angela Dixie Robinson
    January 23, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Nice.. Thank u for sharing this!!!!

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