We do not want to ban guns,

How often do you hear  ” We do not want to ban your guns?”  I do not know about you, but I hear that more then I care to.  I remember back in the 1980’s or 1990’s, either way the Democrats hired a think tank on how to ban firearms in the United States. The think tank came back and said they would not be able to ban out right. The public would not stand for it, they would have to do it in stages. So I was poking around some anti gun sites (best to know what your opposition is doing) and I came across the one article.

Now what caught my eye was the person was almost quoting the think tanks recommendations.   I do not know if he read the think tank’s article or came to the same conclusion.  This article was written shortly after the Newtown shooting. Side note – the FBI has still not listed any deaths in Newtown,CT in 2012.  Frankly I just find that ironic. For those that want to look into it FBI Stats.

Now in this article as I mentioned gives a slow way to enact a ban in the United States.

The only way we can truly be safe and prevent further gun violence is to ban civilian ownership of all guns. That means everything. No pistols, no revolvers, no semiautomatic or automatic rifles. No bolt action. No breaking actions or falling blocks. Nothing. This is the only thing that we can possibly do to keep our children safe from both mass murder and common street violence. 

He actual thinks that banning and confiscating all firearms will make us safe. He goes on that banning fire arms will make it safer for our children. I do not know about you, but I understand the street will be more dangerous then ever before. Criminals will be armed and law abiding citizens will be victims. 

The very first thing we need is national registry. We need to know where the guns are, and who has them. Canada has a national firearms registry. We need to copy their model. We need a law demanding all firearms be registered to a national database. We need to know who has them and where they are. We need to make this as easy as possible for gun owners. The federal government provides the money and technical expertise, and the State police carry it out. Like a funded mandate. Most firearms already have a serial number on them, so it would really be a matter of taking the information already on the ATF form 4473 and putting it in a national database. I think about 6 months should be enough time.

Along with this, make private sales illegal. When a firearm is transferred, make it law that the registration must be updated. Again, make it super easy to do. Perhaps over, the internet. Dealers can log in by their FFLs and update the registration. Additionally, new guns are to be registered by the manufacturer. The object here is to create a clear paper trail from factory to distributor to dealer to owner. We want to encourage as much voluntary compliance as possible.

Now we get down to it. The registration period has passed. Now we have criminals without registered guns running around. Probably kooky types that “lost” them on a boat or something. So remember those ATF form 4473s? Those record every firearm sale, going back twenty years. And those have to be surrendered to the ATF on demand. So, we get those logbooks, and cross reference the names and addresses with the new national registry. Since most NRA types own two or (many) more guns, we can get an idea of who properly registered their guns and who didn’t. For example, if we have a guy who purchased 6 guns over the course of 10 years, but only registered two of them, that raises a red flag.

Now, maybe he sold them or they got lost or something. But it gives us a good target for investigation. A nice visit by the ATF or state police to find out if he really does still have those guns would be certainly warranted. It’s certainly not perfect. People may have gotten guns from parents or family, and not registered them. Perfect is the enemy of pretty darn good, as they say. This exercise isn’t so much to track down every gun ever sold; the main idea would be to profile and investigate people that may not have registered their guns. As an example, I’m not so concerned with the guy who bought that bolt action Mauser a decade ago and doesn’t have anything registered to his name. It’s a pretty good possibility that he sold it, gave it away, or got rid of it somehow. And even if he didn’t, that guy is not who I’m concerned with. I’m concerned that other guy who bought a half dozen assault weapons, registered two hunting rifles, and belongs to the NRA/GOA. He’s the guy who warrants a raid.

So registration is the first step. Now that the vast majority are registered, we can do what we will. One good first step would be to close the registry to new registrations. This would, in effect, prevent new guns from being made or imported. This would put the murder machine corporations out of business for good, and cut the money supply to the NRA/GOA. As money dries up, the political capital needed for new controls will be greatly reduced.

There are a few other things I would suggest. I would suggest an immediate, national ban on concealed carry. A ban on internet sales of guns and ammunition is a no brainer. Microstamping would also be a very good thing. Even if the only thing it does is drive up costs, it could still lead to crimes being solved. I’m willing to try every advantage we can get.

A national Firearms Owner Identification Card might be good, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary if we have a national database. We should also insist on comprehensive insurance and mandatory gun safes, subject to random, spot checks by local and federal law enforcement.

We must make guns expensive and unpopular, just like cigarettes. A nationwide, antigun campaign paid for by a per gun yearly tax paid by owners, dealers, and manufacturers would work well in this regard. We should also segway into an anti-hunting campaign, like those in the UK. By making hunting expensive and unpopular, we can make the transition to a gun free society much less of a headache for us.


Now this person makes the comparison to cigarettes. He also goes on to the anti hunter ban.  All these anti gun lunatics love to compare us to the UK and Australia.  I personally know people that live in those two mentioned  countries. From what I am told these countries are not as safe as Obama and the anti gun people make it sound.  I will leave it up to each of you to find the stats of murder in the UK and Australia.  I also find it ironic that after the Oregon shooting, Obama in his ramblings, I mean speech compared us to Australia. Then to wake up the next morning to find they had a pretty bloody event with someone murdering a cop by handgun in cold blood.  


So lets stop looking for short term solutions and start looking long term. Registration is the first step. Tell Pres. Obama and the Democrats in Congress to demand mandatory, comprehensive gun registration. It’s the only way we can ban guns with any effectiveness. 

So the next time these anti gun lunatics say we do not want to ban your guns.  Instead  send them here to my site.  

You can also use these quotes from Democrats:


Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Video blogger Jason Mattera has Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky saying that an assault weapons ban is just the beginning. She also says that a complete ban on handguns could be possible through state and local action.


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview in late December (audio below), “Confiscation could be an option…mandatory sale to the state could be an option.”


Senator Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein, the senior Senator from California, who is leading the gun control push in the Senate said in a 1995 interview, after getting her assault weapons ban passed, “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”


San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne

According to washingtonguardian.com, San Diego’s [police chief] Lansdowne, who plays an active role in the western region of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), said in the interview it may take a generation, but guns will eventually be taken off the streets through new laws.


Former NY Mayor Ed Koch (deceased)

Former top Democratic mayor Ed Koch said he wants to ban all guns for everyone except law enforcement.


Attorney General Eric Holder

The Obama administration’s Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t suggest banning or confiscating guns. He just thinks we should brainwash the American people into wanting to get rid of guns.


Couple numbers you may like:

from Jan 1, 2015 – Oct 6, 2015 (9:56:12 PM)
Abortion: 834329
Heart Disease: 455804
Cancer: 440610
Tobacco: 267411
Obesity: 234558
Medical Errors: 160447
Stroke: 98508
Lower Respiratory Disease: 109213
Accident (unintentional): 96603
Hospital Associated Infection: 75639
Alcohol: 76403
Diabetes: 56409
Alzheimer’s Disease: 64923
Influenza/Pneumonia: 41125
Kidney Failure: 32672
Blood Infection: 25568
Suicide: 30193
Drunk Driving: 25830
Unintentional Poisoning: 24264
All Drug Abuse: 19105
Homicide: 12835
Prescription Drug Overdose: 11460
Murder by gun: 8781
Texting while Driving: 4576
Pedestrian: 3820
Drowning: 2991
Fire Related: 2674
Malnutrition: 2118
Domestic Violence: 1115
Shot by Police: 843
Smoking in Bed: 596
Falling out of Bed: 457
Killed by Falling Tree: 114
Struck by Lightning: 63
Mass Shooting: 43
Spontaneous Combustion: 0