What difference does it make? A LOT

imageI hope Ted Cruz is happy with the damage he did with his lies and attacks on Trump. Listen both went at each other tooth and nail but now all I hear from never trump is all those lies. I hope it is people are upset their candidate did not make it.


Maybe I am getting old and see this losing temper tantrum but I have been on the other side of backing a candidate that lost and I was not happy. I did realize that is how primaries go. If Cruz would have won by the people I would be supporting Cruz.


No matter my issues it is better than the Butcher of Benghazi herself Hillary Clinton. There has been several times I voted and had to hold my nose. These same never trump are the same group in my opinion that cost the Republican Party in 2012.


And the chatter I hear on social media reaffirms what I said on Reaver of Common Sense that this Libertarian attitude of if you don’t agree blindly you are against the constitution mentality is what cost us the election. I see that same thing now and all they care is getting libertarian party to 15-20 national to advance their party.


Now this part is not direct at Ted Cruz but the Trump is a liberal lies and donation bullshit. I understand a lot is said in the course of elections but candidate have to think longer term also.


But I hope we can come together not for Trump but to fight against the true evil the Butcher of Benghazi herself Hillary Clinton. We can not let her cover up those deaths and abandoning of U.S citizens.