When the Myth of Reagan grows larger than the Truth!

160319133639-trump-protesters-block-road-arizona-march-19-2016-large-169So again the Left has decided to protest in an effort to try and stop Trump from speaking.  I find it particularly amusing that the Cruz supporters who scream they are constitutionalist, are sitting there laughing and cheering on the BLM/Moveon.org attempts to stop free speech.

They scream things about Trump being a racist….wait what exactly has Trump said that can be construed as being racist?  So, I searched and nothing racist came up. Is it because he wants to temporally stop immigration from the Middle East till we can get a better idea who’s who and a better vetting process. Or, is it because he made a comment about the illegals coming in not being the best people in the world. Well he is not wrong.  These are people are willing to break law to get what they want.  As a citizen of the United States there is no excuse if I break the law.


I find it funny that both the Democrats and Republicans are sounding EXACTLY the same.  AND Yes that includes Cruz.  He is spewing the same bull shit lies that the Establishment is spewing… He is so Anti Establishment that he says the same things they do. He says the same things Democrats do.  Oh wait!  It must be because he responded to a question and said if the Establishment takes the election away from whoever is leading, the people will be pissed and may riot. He was not calling for a any riot.

Cruz, the Establishment and the Democrats have done a good enough job on their own.  The Anti-Establishment candidate is twisting the truth and telling us what to think and if we do not agree well then we are uneducated in his eyes. Only the educated blindly follow I guess from his and the Establishments logic.


I know Cruz supporters will say no no no. Those on the outside see things different. Well I am here to say out loud, Cruz and his supporters are sounding more like Democrats blaming Riots and protesters on Trump. Was it Trump who made these same people to riot/protest in Ferguson and Baltimore.  To have Republicans blaming Trump for Democrats actions are dangerous. Remember, whoever gets the nomination will be stuck with these “protesters”.  Remember the Democrats have written the playbook of pin the racist on the Republican candidate. Difference is, is that Trump stands up to these anti American bullies. Frankly Cruz so far has hiden and pointed the finger.


Remember when the GOP thought Reagan would destroy the GOP… I guess you forgot about that. It seems many people forgot what really happened with Reagan and the GOP.


Remember when Reagan yelled at the moderator “I paid for this mic”.

It seems too many have forgotten the truth and gave way to the myth of Ronald Reagan. That is not me saying Reagan was not a great President.  I believe he was a great President but with everything in life as time passes truth gives way to perception.