WHOA! New Photos REVEAL what Hillary’s “Handler” is carrying 

Mike Cernovich may have just broken the biggest story in 2016. Here is what we know so far. People seem to have noticed that Hillary is ALWAYS accompanied by the same Secret Service Agent. This is not that uncommon, but his contact with her seems to indicate that he may not be an ordinary Secret Service Agent.

Last week, while Hillary was being heckled by protesters, he was caught on a hot-mic comforting her and telling her it was going to be fine. He has also been there right at her side when she has fallen, or been disoriented on stage at other events.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this man might be there to respond to acute health issues Hillary may have.





Now pictures have surfaced that appear to show this man carrying a “Diazepam Auto-Injector Pen” which would be used for acute repetitive seizures.

What could this mean about how fit she is for office? More importantly, why isn’t the media covering this?





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