Why Cruz would hurt the Republican party as President at this time.

r-ronald-reagan-large570So Reagan was great. Reagan got things done that people still talk about till this day.

First let’s remember that Reagan was a Democrat as has been so many people. As he grew politically, he matured into a Republican juggernaut. He was not well liked by the main stream GOP establishment nor was he well received by Republicans.

In fact I seem to remember Republicans talking about how to get Democrats to switch parties. How we could win elections by landslides if we just got Democrats to join the Republican Party.

So this bashing anyone for BEING (in past) a Democrat is not a smart move.  Even as so called Republicans bash ex Democrats and treating them as if they are second class party members. Doing so is dangerous and could drive these newly discovered Republicans right back to the Democrat Party with a stringer hate for Republicans.

Reagan was great because he worked WITH Democrats and not against.   Did he do some deals that back fired, Yes. That did not deter the man, it just made him work that much harder. I have heard for years now, that we need to work WITH and not against the Democrats. Our government, to work properly must have all sides working together. You can have differences but we need to work together.

The best place I learned about this is in a place that is worse than federal government politics. That would be the politics of a volunteer First Aid Squad or a volunteer Fire House. The difference is when there were differences to be had, we as members had to work them out because people’s lives literally hung in the balance.

Our disagreements were fierce but we knew we had to work them out and compromise was used for the betterment and safety of the people. Looking back, I am surprised that some of those meetings people did not come out with bloody noses. But it taught me that life is not one sided not matter how righteous you think you are.

Cruz may be a great man, but I believe he is TOO far right. Right now that would not be a good thing. They say us Trump supporters are angry and emotional. That we just want to strike out and hurt them. Well the far right wants the same thing. They know and understand having a far right is not a good thing for the future of the Party. They do not care.

I have said many times, if we elect Cruz now it would be the biggest mistake for the long term electability of the Republican Party. Cruz is as I said FAR right, and just as Obama is far left. Nothing is currently getting done, just as nothing would get done under Cruz.

We all know that the Left has a better P.R. department with their head cheerleader screaming OBSTRUCTIONIST at the Republican Party. They did it just recently and more people would believe this this time. It could be the end of the Republican Party that of course is MY opinion.

We need to put thing to the side. I did not say give in. We need a negotiator who can work deals. That is one of several things I like about Trump. No, he did not build his company that big and let his ego get in the way.

I feel starting there is the beginning if done right. I say done right because if Trump is elected he can start repairing this country. Get our government working again, get the American People working again. Getting people back on Republicans side. Convert those that switched, since they are currently not happy with the direction of the Democrat Party.

Then you run a Cruz, Paul or Ryan. Then more of this country would be willing to swing this country back to a conservative country.  But I am 99.9% sure we cannot go from FAR left progressive socialism to FAR right conservative. It would be too much a shock.

Just as Obama was a huge shock to conservatives. I know you say but it worked for the liberals.  Yes it did work but they sugar coated it. Then after almost 8 years they found out it was not sugar and a lot of Democrat supporters are not happy. But they still would not be able to make the leap that quick.

If done right this could set the Republican Party for years to come.

But pushing too fast to quick will back fire.

I believe that is what made Reagan so great was that he was a patient man. He knew when to push and when not too. Reagan knew how to deal and compromise, which set us up for several years of greatness. Reagan knew the constitution was not written for one side to get their way.  It was written with checks and balances, s that Americans had to work together bring their difference to make this country great.