Why we should pay attention to articles over headlines!

3rd nbc pollI came across a NBC article, where they were conducting a Presidential poll.  What caught my eye and made me check out this article and poll was the picture they used.  The “picture” they had posted showed the Clinton/Kaine ticket leading 47% to Trump/Pence 38% ticket.  In the past week I had seen several polls conducted and posted by NBC that had Trump in the lead.  I have a MAJOR problem with these recent polls simply because they are misleading the public.  When you click on the most recent article and actually look at the poll breakdown it is Trump/Pence 71% leading Clinton/Kaine 21%.


Actual results

NBC is blatantly deceiving the public by posting a false poll result on the cover.  I have looked at several polls NBC has done over the last several days and they all have one thing in common. Frankly it seems NBC is getting a hard-on by posting one thing when in fact the results are the complete opposite.  They post a picture for the article showing a poll with Hillary Clinton in the lead but the actual polls show Donald Trump in the lead.



Another nbc poll


Update: since it suggested the NBC is the same network as MSNBC and against Trump( do not ask it does not make sense to me either). I would post a ABC poll also showing Donald Trump with a huge lead.



The point  still stands Headlines and article pictures can and will be deceiving. So read the article like one commenter did not do with this article